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Why Nitriq?

Jon von Gillern photoNitriq Code Analysis helps .Net developers perform thorough code reviews so they can better understand and refine their code base. It includes over 40 pre-written queries that are immediately helpful out of the box, but the best thing about Nitriq is how easy it is to add your own rules because you’ll write them in the familiar Linq query language.

Nitriq Code Analysis was originally written because I was dissatisifed with the flexibility of the free static analysis tools (if you've ever tried to write a custom rule in FXCop, you know what I mean). I saw NDepend, and while it is certainly awesome, it felt loaded down with way too many options and was way too expensive. The original goal for Nitriq was to serve the middle ground in price and features, unfortunately it just didn't pan out as a commercial product.

So as of July 22, 2012, I've made all editions of Nitriq completely free!

The Nitriq Code Analysis beta was launched on October 13, 2009. Nitriq was officially released on March 29, 2010.

Nitriq was built with Mono.Cecil.
Some icons were provided by Crystal Icons which is licensed under the LGPL. You can swap out the icons in [Install Location]\Crystal Icons