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Nitriq Features

Analyze and Query Your .Net Code Using Linq

With Nitriq, there is no need to learn a custom query language. Nitriq's LinqToCode allows you to query your assemblies with the full power of Linq. Most proprietary query languages don't allow you to do sub queries or create your own formulas, but LinqToCode lets you be as expressive as your needs demand.

Visualize Your Code

Treemaps allow you to instantly see where your code sits. The size of each box is relatively sized based on a statistic like Lines of Code or Cyclomatic Complexity. Each box is shaded to show code hierarchy and current query results are automatically highlighted blue.

Query Results Display Hierarchically

Quickly see which Assemblies, Namespaces, Types and Methods result from your query. Double clicking on a code element icon will highlight the appropriate treemap box in red.

Out of the Box Queries

While Nitriq's LinqToCode allows you all the flexibility to create your own queries and rules, Nitriq comes with 30 queries out of the box. More will follow as Nitriq leaves Beta.

Quick Statistics

As soon as your assemblies have been analyzed, you'll instantly see the size of your project.


Learning the Nitriq's object model is a breeze because the query editor has Intelliprompt.

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